GUATEMALA Giant Kite Festival 2013

Friday, 01 November 2,013, celebrated Giant Kite Festival "All Saints Day" in Sumpango Sacatepequez, GUATEMALA.

According to a legend passed orally from generation to generation, says that in the Sumpango cemetery, day of the dead, was invaded by evil spirits that caused inconvenience to the souls resting there.
Because of this restless souls roamed the streets and homes of the people, the disturbance is produced every year, on the day of the dead (now November 1). According to legend, the people of the time, given the situation that prevailed every year they decided to consult the phenomenon sorcerers, who came to resolve the curses.

Sorcerers agreed and resolved that the form of the withdrawal of the spirits, was to make the wind collide with pieces of paper, whose sound immediately move away evil spirits, resting in peace with good souls in place.

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