Italia Kite Festival | Cervia Kite Festival | Cervia Festival Internazionale degli Aquiloni

We flew to Italy to participate in two kite festivals at the beaches of the northern Adriatic shores. Kite friends from all over the world attended with perfect winds, warm sunny days and lots and lots of flying colors. The 28th annual Cervia International Kite festival is one of the longest running kite festivals in Europe. The festival ran for ten days, two weekends and powered by pasta and vino. We then went to another smaller festival in the beach town of Rosolina Mare near Venice to get more sun, wind and kites into the air. We love Italy!

a full sky overhead

Melanie's rabbit kite making a maiden flight and her flame banners

George's Diving Lady kite fit right into the sky over the sun bathers

Our Play Sail floated over the beach...

National Kite Festival Events
Kite Fighting Competition
Kite Making Competition
Inter School Kite Competition
Kite Painting
Kite Exhibition and Knowledge Programm
kite club india
Kite Flyers India
Branding and Advertising With Kites
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