Rockaway Beach Kite Festival May 17th, 18th, 19th 2013

The Rockaway Beach Kite Festival Returns May 17th – 19th at
The New Ocean’s Edge~ Lodging at

Sponsored by The American Kitefliers Association, the annual Rockaway Beach Kite Festival will feature professional and amateur kite flyers on May 17th through the 19th from (time?) to (time?) at the New Ocean’s Edge Wayside. The American Kitefliers Association is the largest association of kiters in the world and travels all over to spread the joy of kiting to people of all ages and skills. This event will offer contests for anyone wanting to experience the thrill of a kiting competition in a friendly, unofficial environment. Participants can compete to win awards for having the nicest kite, the kite that drags on the ground the longest before becoming airborne, and many other events. Children can join in the fun as they build and learn to fly small kites during special classes.
Anyone who wants to bring their own kite to fly is welcome and encouraged to do so. The Rockaway Beach Kite Festival will also feature live music, kite exhibitions, an array of vendors, and tasty meals all weekend. Come hungry, and bring a camera to photograph the beautiful kites that will grace the skies along the beach at the New Ocean’s Edge Wayside.
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