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"It is fairly certain that the Nagasaki fighting kite is a derivation of the Indian Fighter.
Considering that the first Westerners who set foot in Japan in 1543 were restricted to Nagasaki
alone, it seems likely that these early Portuguese, Dutch and English traders introduced the kite
from India.

This conjecture is strongly supported by the fact that the Nagasaki Hata (Hata is the Japanese
word for flag) is traditionally coloured red, white and blue, in the manner of the Dutch ensign.
Whatever the origin, kite flying remains an obsession in Nagasaki even today, with the whole
month of March being appropriated for kite flying festivals.

The Nagasaki fighting kite, however, bears little resemblance to other traditional Japanese kite
forms. It is highly balanced, extremely light, virtually square and flown diagonally, as opposed
to the traditional Japanese configuration which is basically rectangular and flown
longitudinally. It bears a close resemblance to the classic Indian Fighter, differing only in the
absence of the Indian support fin at the tail, and in having its two leading edges supported by a
guideline of string, while the Indian version has its leading edges unsupported. "

The Nagasaki Hatas are made with the colors, blue, red and white in geometric patterns, but they may sometimes include birds in their design. The red shore bird flying over a blue stylized wave, and white sky is also a traditional design. See more designs of Hatas from a photo in the Gallery.

A Crane Hata, one of the many Japanese kites in the collection at The World Kite Museum in Long Beach, WA.
The pair of cranes is a newer image, possibly initiated when the crane became Japan's national bird in 1952.

More images of Japanese Fighters can be seen at the Japanese Kite Collection, a wonderful site maintained by Masami Takakuwa. Fighters included in his lists are: Buka, Butterfly, Hata, Machijirushi (the giant Fighting kites), etc. Beautiful graphics make these kites a joy to look at! Please take a moment to visit this extrodinary website...a feast for the eyes!!

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